I have over 17 years of ultrasound experience and I’ve worked at several international hospitals including MD Anderson Cancer Hospital in Houston Texas. Working with patients that have cancer gave me an insight on how to treat people and made me appreciate the importance of showing compassion. Dr. Vicki Schnell, at the Center of Reproductive Medicine in Webster Texas, was a doctor that I had the privilege to work for. She’s a Reproductive Endocrinologist and her specialty is In Vitro Fertilization procedures. I worked with many infertility patients and eventually became a patient myself. I’ve had my own experiences with infertility and I had two successful In Vitro Fertilizations ( IVF). I understand the stress that goes along with pregnancy and always worrying about your unborn child. After I became pregnant with my son, I was hospitalized for 107 days at the Methodist Hospital in Houston Texas. I had problems with preterm labor and almost lost my little baby boy. There were some very positive people that helped me during that difficult time with lots of emotional support. Pregnant ladies need to smile!!! There was one nurse that gave me ideas on ways to keep myself busy while on bed rest. Those little things, that made me smile, got me through this time in my life. I was in the hospital for Halloween, Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas, and New Years. During the hospital stay, my husband was very supportive and even decorated my hospital room with Christmas lights. I’ve made it my goal to add an extra touch to every pregnant lady that I serve.

I want every family that I serve to feel extremely excited about the services that they receive. I guarantee my services!

My goal for each 3D ultrasound is to make the experience something that the mother/family will remember forever.

I love what I do and you’ll see that I’m involved with many social network and chat sites. Take a look at my web site for more information concerning 3D / 4D ultrasound procedures. Let me be your personal ultrasonographer.