Debbie Hazelbaker, owner of Ultracare Diagnostic Imaging LLC in Honolulu, Hawaii, is a highly compassionate ultrasonographer with more than 2 decades of experience giving warm and caring service in a pleasant and comfortable environment. She is a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer specializing in OB/GYN ultrasound.

Debbie has worked at several international hospitals, including MD Anderson Cancer Hospital in Houston, Texas, and Providence Hospital in Anchorage, Alaska. Working with patients that have cancer gave her profound insights into how to treat people, making her appreciate the overwhelming importance of showing compassion.
Nine years ago, she moved with her husband and 2 kids to Anchorage, Alaska, where she had the amazing experience of working closely with Dr. Nelson Isada, a well known High Risk Maternal Fetal Medicine Physician, working together helping patients that had abnormal pregnancies.

She has also worked at the Center of Reproductive Medicine in Webster, Texas, where she was privileged to work with Dr. Vicki Schnell, a Reproductive Endocrinologist whose specialty is In Vitro Fertilization procedures. Debbie worked with Dr. Schnell’s many infertility patients. Debbie herself relates well to infertility patients, as she herself has had 2 successful In Vitro Fertilizations.
Indeed, Debbie empathizes on a very personal level with the stress that goes along with pregnancy and always worrying about one’s unborn child, as she spent over 100 days at a hospital when she had problems with preterm labor and almost lost her baby boy. She also appreciates all the lessons learned from that experience – lessons that might seem trivial to anyone but the one in labor.
During that difficult time, some very positive people provided Debbie with an abundance of emotional support. Lesson #1 she gained from the experience: Pregnant ladies need to smile!!! One of the nurses there gave Debbie ideas on ways to keep herself busy while on bed rest. Those little things—the things that made her smile — got her through this time in her life.

So Debbie has made it her goal always to add an extra touch — many extra touches — to serving every pregnant lady that entrusts her for their care. Debbie does everything in a way that makes every family that she serves feel extremely excited about the services that they receive.
Debbie loves what she does, and it shows the moment you meet her. Her compassion also shines through in the many social network and chat sites on which she participates.