1. Pregnancy Second Trimester Ultrasound Honolulu Hawaii

    The second trimester ultrasound is commonly performed between 18 and 22 weeks gestation. Historically the second trimester ultrasound was often the only routine scan offered in a pregnancy and so was expected to provide information about gestational age (correcting menstrual dates if necessary), fetal number and type of multiple pregnancy, placental position and pathology,…Read More

  2. 1st trimester ultrasound

    Early Pregnancy Ultrasound (6-8 Weeks) Your first ultrasound, also known as a baby sonogram, might take place when you're six to eight weeks pregnant. But not every woman will get this scan; some doctors only conduct it for certain high-risk pregnancy conditions like bleeding, abdominal pain, and history.  During a pregnancy ultrasound, your doctor or a skilled technician…Read More

  3. 3D/4D Baby Bonding Ultrasound

    ultracare4dbaby.com What are 2D, 3D, and 4D ultrasounds? Ultrasound is a way to look inside the body with high-frequency sound waves. It works just like the sonar on boats, which use sound waves to locate things underwater. The ultrasound machines used for medical imaging use waves between 2 to 20 megahertz – that's about 100 times higher than the top of the range we're …Read More

  4. Level 2 Ultrasound Kailua Hawaii

    What Is Included? Between 18 and 22 weeks into your pregnancy, your baby will be large enough for your medical provider to see details of their organs and limbs from head to toe through an anatomy scan. If you're having multiples, each fetus will receive their own scan. Sometimes, follow up ultrasounds for growth and reevaluation will be suggested based on the findings of …Read More

  5. Pregnancy 3D 4D ultrasound

    What's the Difference Between 2D, 3D, and 4D Scans? While a 2D ultrasound provides a grainy, flat image of your little one, 3D ultrasounds will show more detail. During the 3D ultrasound, multiple 2D images are taken from different angles, and these are rendered together to create a three-dimensional image of your baby. This scan can provide a clear image of the fetus, inc…Read More

  6. Thyroid ultrasound

    How the Test is Performed Ultrasound is a painless method that uses sound waves to create images of the inside of the body. The test is often done in the ultrasound or radiology department. It also can be done in a clinic. The test is done in this way: You lie down with your neck on a pillow or other soft support. Your neck is stretched slightly. The ultrasound technician…Read More

  7. 3D/4D Pregnancy ultrasound Kailua Hawaii

    We offer the unique opportunity to see your unborn child with the most up to date technology for 3D/4D ultrasound. Our ultrasound machines are the most advanced available. The technology is so precise, it can capture your baby’s movements in real time (4D) and provide quality 3D images. Our ultrasonographers are registered sonographers with extensive experience in 3D/4D …Read More

  8. 1st trimester ultrasound

    First trimester ultrasound In the first trimester, an early ultrasound is often a routine part of prenatal care between 6 to 9 weeks of pregnancy. However a first-trimester ultrasound isn’t standard practice, because it’s still too early for your practitioner to see your baby in detail. Most practitioners wait until at least 6 weeks to perform a first pregnancy ultraso…Read More

  9. OB 20-22 week Anatomy screening ultrasound

      Timing 20-22 weeks  of pregnancy Purpose Determine the growth and health of the baby/babies Evaluate placental position Measure of the amount of amniotic fluid Description This is a detailed scan of your baby/babies anatomy. The scan is performed transabdominally. In women at high risk for preterm delivery (multiple pregnancies, previous preterm birth, abnormalitie…Read More