1. A Guide to Pregnancy Ultrasounds

    It goes without saying that pregnancy is one of the most life-changing events in a woman’s life. But before the baby is even born, there are so many things that require planning and learning. What type of delivery do you want to have? What prenatal vitamins do you need to take? How often do you need to see a doctor? And when do you need to schedule ultrasounds? The list …Read More

  2. The First Trimester: Development, Symptoms, and Ultrasounds

    Pregnancy is an incredible, momentous, challenging, awe-inspiring, difficult, and overall remarkable thing. Any number of adjectives will never be enough to describe the events, both major and minor, that make up pregnancy as a whole. At times, some of the seemingly smaller moments—such as the doctor’s appointments or feeling your baby kick—are some of the most joyou…Read More

  3. Ultracare 4D Baby Imaging Now Open in Anchorage AK

    I have over 17 years of ultrasound experience and I’ve worked at several international hospitals including MD Anderson Cancer Hospital in Houston Texas. Working with patients that have cancer gave me an insight on how to treat people and made me appreciate the importance of showing compassion. Dr. Vicki Schnell, at the Center of Reproductive Medicine in Webster Texas, wa…Read More

  4. Bonding with your Baby using 3D/4D Ultrasound

    With a 3D/4D ultrasound, images of your little one wil come to life. From a yawn, to a stretch, or the beating of you baby's heart, your 4D ultrasound session will give you a realistic first look at your baby's first movements in the womb. Just imagine seeing your baby smile or even wave his or her little hand. It's all possible with 4D ultrasound technology.…Read More

  5. Gender Determination Ultrasounds

    Gender Determination Ultrasounds A gender determination study is one that is done using ultrasound to look at your baby's anatomy to see what the sex is. This may be done after the 16th week of pregnancy. After this time, the external sexual parts are developed well enough to differentiate between a boy and a girl. Most will choose to have a Gender Determination Ultrasound…Read More