1. The First Trimester: Development, Symptoms, and Ultrasounds

    Pregnancy is an incredible, momentous, challenging, awe-inspiring, difficult, and overall remarkable thing. Any number of adjectives will never be enough to describe the events, both major and minor, that make up pregnancy as a whole. At times, some of the seemingly smaller moments—such as the doctor’s appointments or feeling your baby kick—are some of the most joyou…Read More

  2. Welcome

    Welcome to Ultracare Diagnostic's new website. Stay tuned for updates…Read More

  3. Pelvic Ultrasound

    Ultrasound - Pelvis Ultrasound imaging of the pelvis uses sound waves to produce pictures of the structures and organs in the lower abdomen and pelvis. There are three types of pelvic ultrasound: abdominal, vaginal (for women), and rectal (for men). These exams are frequently used to evaluate the reproductive and urinary systems. Ultrasound is safe, noninvasive and does no…Read More

  4. Pregnancy Ultrasound

    What is a pregnancy ultrasound? A pregnancy ultrasound is a test that uses high-frequency sound waves to image the developing baby as well as the mother’s reproductive organs. The average number of ultrasounds varies with each pregnancy. An ultrasound, also called a sonogram, can help monitor normal fetal development and screen for any potential problems. Along with a st…Read More

  5. Nuchal Translucency

    WHAT IS THE NUCHAL TRANSLUCENCY? The nuchal translucency is the fluid found at the back of your baby’s head and neck, just beneath the skin. The thickness of this fluid can be precisely measured and this is called the nuchal translucency (or NT) measurement. Normally the amount of fluid is small, producing a thin NT measurement. We know that the amount of fluid can incre…Read More

  6. Abdomen Ultrasound

    Ultrasound - Abdomen Ultrasound imaging of the abdomen uses sound waves to produce pictures of the structures within the upper abdomen. It is used to help diagnose pain or distention and evaluate the kidneys, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen and abdominal aorta. Ultrasound is safe, noninvasive and does not use ionizing radiation. This procedure requires little to no sp…Read More

  7. Thyroid Ultrasound

    What is a thyroid ultrasound? An ultrasound is a painless procedure that uses sound waves to generate images of the inside of your body. Your doctor will often use an ultrasound to create images of a fetus during pregnancy. A thyroid ultrasound is used to examine the thyroid for abnormalities, including: cysts nodules tumors Uses for a thyroid ultrasound A thyroid ultrasou…Read More

  8. Testicular Ultrasound

    What Is a Testicular Ultrasound? A testicular ultrasound is a diagnostic test that obtains images of the testicles and the surrounding tissues in your scrotum. Ultrasound is also called sonography or ultrasound scanning. Your doctor may refer to a testicular ultrasound as a testicular sonogram or scrotal ultrasound. The two testicles are the primary male reproductive organ…Read More

  9. Venous Doppler Ultrasound

    What Is a Doppler Ultrasound? A Doppler ultrasound is a test that uses high frequency sound waves (ultrasound) to measure the amount of blood flow through your arteries and veins, usually those that supply blood to your arms and legs. Vascular flow studies, also known as blood flow studies, can detect abnormal flow within an artery or blood vessel. This can help to diagnos…Read More

  10. Breast Ultrasound

    What Is a Breast Ultrasound? A breast ultrasound is an imaging technique commonly used to screen for tumors and other breast abnormalities. The ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to produce detailed images of the inside of the breasts. Unlike X-rays and CT scans, ultrasounds don’t use radiation and are considered safe for pregnant women and breast-feeding mothe…Read More